Small Biz Bio - Blurr

This blog series is made to highlight a small business and the owners talents while spreading awareness to their brand. Meet Myles. 

Q: Tell us about yourself in general:

I was born and raised in Fargo, ND. My business partner, Connor McGovern, and I became friends in the 3rd grade and have been friends ever since. Collectively we grew up together playing any and every sport you can imagine: football, basketball, baseball, hockey, BMX, wrestling, etc. So, as you can see we love competition and the idea of sport. We lived our lives a certain way that was about continually pushing the envelope. I came to Connor with an idea that we should start selling apparel with our lifestyle behind it and the rest is history. I just finished up playing football at Minnesota State University Moorhead, and Connor at MIZZOU. Connor aspires to be drafted in the NFL and is beginning prep for the NFL Combine. We started this brand in January of 2015 and have been growing ever since.

Q:What do you do? What does the process entail?

As ‘CEO’ of a small business, I am required to do a lot of different things. Design, marketing, personal relations, working with manufacturers, etc. are all parts of the job. If you dive into the actual process, it all starts with product design for us. Our number one priority is to make a great product that we love. When we get something we think is great, we start the manufacturing process. While our products are being produced, we get our ambassadors on board, create a marketing plan, announcement timeline etc. The last step is release day, which is always fun because you see all the work come into existence.

Q: Why do you do what you do?

I believe that the world is not set in stone. We have the power to change and create anything we want, and I cannot keep this message to myself. Blurr is the platform in which we do our best to inspire people to change things for the better.

Q: What Inspired you to start this? What inspires you to continue?

I was once told, “One of the worst things that can happen is that we die with our music still in us.” I have many ideas and dreams I still have left to create.

Q: What problems have you run into? And how have you solved them?

One of our biggest problems is sticking to the timeline we create for product launches. There are so many moving parts that go into launching a new product that it is difficult to keep everyone and everything on schedule.  We solve them by being flexible and always having the motto that no matter what, we will make it happen.

Q: Why the name Blurr?

We push the tempo of life, to everyone else, it’s all just a Blurr.

Q: Where can people find you?

Y ou can see and buy our products online at You can also check out our daily content at our Instagram page

Q: Where do you see Blurr in the future?

The top.