Episode #28 - Open Conversation About Therapy with Matt Reed

Charley of The Starter Log Podcast has his friend, Matt Reed on the podcast to talk openly about each other's therapy sessions. We also talk about a few times we disagreed in the past and Charley apologizes for being insensitive to an event that took regarding a hurtful remark made by a third-party.

If you're considering seeing a psychologist, I would recommend considering Resilience Psychological Services or finding a therapist near you on Therapy Road.

Episode #26 - Interview with SEO Expert, Adam Dorfman

Discussion with Adam Dorfman

Charley from The Starter Log sits down with SEO Expert and Entrepreneur, Adam Dorfman to catch up and discuss the following topics. Charley and Adam have history together and share a passion for the same hobbies and marketing tactics.


00:00:00-00:11:00 - Local search
00:11:08-00:20:18 - Unique questions about Google
00:20:19-00:23:11 - Issac's love for wrestling
00:23:12-00:26:56 - Good Company, Bad Company
00:26:57-00:43:00 - Self-improvement discussion
00:43:11-00:52:27 - Twitter's 280 character limit change
00:52:28-00:57:00 - Talkers & Doers
00:57:01-01:02:50 - Why Is That A Thing?
01:02:55-End - Adam asks the questions

Resources Mentioned

Block site
Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris
Near Mint Games

Adam Dorfman

Episode #25 - Interview with Dee, a Fellow Libra

Continuing the trend, Charley sits down with a former co-worker and fellow Libra to discuss many self-growth topics. My friend Dee, explains all that she has learned while managing other individuals and has really good examples for the segment "Why is that a thing?".

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Episode #17 - Interview with Karin Straehl, Part 1

Charley Vail of TSL sits down with another one of his former co-workers and independent female leaders, Karin Straehl. They discuss self-awareness, treating others with respect and much more. This is only part 1 of our conversation, so make sure to listen to this, take a break and then dive into part 2 to continue the conversation.

Referenced in part 1 & 2 of this interview:

Who's To Blame? Phone addiction article

Simon Sinek Millennial Video

Episode #16 - Interview with Frank Ratini

Charley's friend, and business partner Frank Ratini joins The Starter Log podcast for a in-depth and personal conversation about self-awareness, personal vision, and introspection. I am extremely confident that this conversation holds great value for the listener.


Episode #12 - Interview with Melissa Nations, Part 1

This is the first part of my interview with Melissa Nations. My friend Melissa is a Client Success aficionado and overall people pleaser. We discuss respecting others, dream jobs, and of course the love of her life, Gussie. Please listen and join the conversation.

Here is the dogs article mentioned in this episode:


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