Learn from a Leader: Mark Cuban

We all know who he is; business man, entrepreneur, TV personality, author, producer, and owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban is worth more money than every other investor on the Shark Tank combined. He has led the Dallas Mavericks to an NBA title and has seen exponential growth in many of his business. How did he do it? He's a grinder. 

A grinder is someone who doesn't pay attention when people tell you to give up. 

A grinder is someone who learns that the greatest lessons in life come from failures. 

A grinder is someone who maximizes their time. 

A grinder is someone who will put first things first. 

A grinder is someone who sees the resources all around them when others don't. 

A grinder is someone who falls in love with the process of maximizing their potential. 

A grinder is someone who understands that your work ethic needs to be in direct proportion of the size of your dream.

Mark is someone who has lead all his life through dirty hard work - Ignoring the noise of negativity, finding the opportunities that most don't see, and staying persistent on the next big thing.

Here is a YouTube clip of some inspiring words from Mark Cuban: