The Law of Respect

John C Maxwell is an author, public speaker, and pastor who has written books that have sold millions of copies. The book today that I will be sharing is a New York Times Bestseller and is known to be his best work. The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership is a great read and easy to follow. Here is a  a quick review on the chapter:
The Law of Respect.

People don't follow others by accident. As followers,  we follow leaders based on the respect we have for that individual. The more respect we have, the higher the leadership ability the he or she has. Through time, meetings, and everyday hustle, people naturally follow leaders stronger than themselves.

6 ways leaders gain respect:

#1 Natural Ability

Leadership is an ability. You can be born with natural leadership, Just like you can be born with a certain athletic ability and someone who is good born with the ability to dissect numbers.

If you possess a natural leadership, people will want to be around you. People will want to follow you. People will want to know more about you and how you do things.

Natural leadership can be dangerous when leadership rely on their talent alone. Just because you were born with natural leadership ability, does not mean you can't getter better and grow. Always be willing to learn.

#2 Respect for others

Violence, intimidation, and manipulation will work for a short term deal, or a small transaction. Respect and inspiration is the key to building long lasting relationship between followers and leaders.

Give respect to those that follow you. When you give respect (and trust) you are showing that you value that person. When someone feels valued, they share the same respect and trust that was given.

#3 Courage

Are you willing to stand alone? Courage is a way of giving your follows hope. Also, who doesn't like following a fearless leader?

#4 Success

People are attracted to success. As Maxwell says, that's probably why people are attached to the Kardashian’s. I believe it's dependant how you measure success. If you measure success by fame and money, you will be attracted by fame and money. If you measure success on how high moral code and ethics, you will be attracted that. I'm not here to say which is right or wrong. I also believe you you can be attracted money and a high moral code. Eveyones differet, you just have to know what type of success motivates you. Regardless of how you measure success, everyone is attracted to people who lead us.

#5 Loyalty

Live in an era of immediate gratification. Everyone is always looking for the best deal. It's become normal for people to bail out when things go wrong. In a culture of constant change - business and sports - loyalty is one of the biggest assets we have. If leaders have the ability to stick through the tough times, respect emerges through the culture, and you build a culture based on loyalty.

#6 Adding Value to Others

Followers value leaders who add value to them - respect carries on long after their relationship ends. Great leadership is based on building relationship, and relationship require you adding value people. Are you adding value to your significant others? your friends? your family?

Leadership is an act of service. Leaders need to add value, value others, add value to others, and relate to what others value.

John C Maxwell Law of Respect

Check out this 1 minute video - "A Minute With Maxwell" on the Law of Respect.