4 Ways to Make Yourself a More Effective Leader

The best influencers have the ability to inspire action while empowering the people around them. What does it really mean to empower others?

1. Find someone who wants to continuously be better and give them confidence.

Nobody becomes successful by themselves; businessmen, golfers, swimmers, Olympic athletes, they all have a team of people who work together. We all need people in our life who share the same values and beliefs as us who will push us to be better. Find someone who is willing to get out of their comfort zone and learn.

2. Give them resources to succeed

Be sure the people you surround yourself with have what they need to succeed. If they don’t, do whatever you can to serve their needs. Become resourceful and see opportunity where others don’t.

3. Give them more responsibility and authority

Give up things on your plate. Let others make decisions. Let others make a call. Let others learn and grow by making mistakes. When you give up authority, your vulnerability will speak for itself. Vulnerability leads to trust. Let others flourish, you don’t need the be in the spotlight.

4. Express appreciation

The best way to make people feel safe. When an influence puts the people ahead of the product, they create a culture of safety. When people feel safe, they are able to perform at their best, They are willing to look for more ideas, and most importantly, they are happy. When people feel appreciated, their natural response is to look out for you, which in return is looking out for the organization. 

Empowerment is all about becoming comfortable with yourself, creating a platform for others to succeed, giving authority and being extremely appreciative for all the people that you work with. Empowerment is taking a step back, watching others grow, and giving people an opportunity to succeed. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you evaluate your level of empowerment:

Are you holding on to too much?
Are you in control of everything around you?
Are you afraid to give up authority because of insecurities?
If you 5 years younger than you are today, how would you want to be empowered
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