Putting People First: The Way Leadership Should Be

My dad is a secret shopaholic. Every time I come home there are about 5 Amazon Boxes sitting on our front porch addressed to him. He will buy anything on there from groceries to clothes. With the 2-day shipping as a prime member and accessibility to conveniently shop in all departments, I figured I should give Amazon Prime a shot.  

I've been a prime member now for a few months and have enjoyed my time with it. Recently, I screwed up on one of my orders and was blown away with the customer service and Amazon's ability to put customers first. 

When I was using the Amazon App on my phone purchasing a book, I used the convenient "Buy With One Click" tab.  A few hours later, I went back on and was pleased to find that the book had already been shipped! Reviewing the details on the order from the email they sent me, I caught a mistake I made. I accidentally purchased three books instead of one. Once I realized what happened, I emailed Amazon and asked for a refund on the two books I accidentally ordered.

Within less then a day, I got a notification back saying my refund was processed and I didn't need to worry about sending the extra two books back since they have already been shipped! With my mistake of ordering three books - in the matter of 12 hours, I got my money back for those two books, and was able to the keep both books!

With Amazon's, "Customer First" approach, they sacrificed a short-term revenue, but have

gained a long-term customer and brand ambassador.

How often are we focused on small revenues or getting our products back, rather then satisfying the people or the customers? How often do businesses lose customers because they are just trying to make money, rather then doing their best to make a customer happy with great customer service and a useful product?

Importance of Putting TODAY'S Customer First

We are often focused on the future and long term result but focusing on the end game can get dangerous. 

If you make one customer unhappy today, they are bound to tell at least 2-3 people throughout that day about their sour experience.  With the way social media is today they can potentially share their experience with 2,000-3,000 people. The cost and the risk of losing one customer today is far more important then you may think. 

I will forever use Amazon not only for the accessibility of many needs and wants, but for the quality customer service and the putting people first approach. In the end, we don't invest ourselves and our money in businesses, we invest in the people of the business.