Attack The Day

Are you dissatisfied with your work production throughout the day?

Do you feel like you should be getting more done?

If you are hesitant to answer those questions about maximizing the potential of your workday, then you should take strides to change that.

This requires a good hard look into the mirror, and time spent in thought about self-evaluation. The size of your dreams should be proportionate to the size of your work ethic. There is nothing wrong with having colossal dreams but you should make sure your determination to succeed is equivalent.

Having the right growth mindset is the first essential step to achieving your dreams. In addition, developing consistent daily habits to keep your workday on track is extremely crucial.

In this blog, you’ll learn that adjusting your daily work strategy and choosing how to spend your time more efficiently can significantly increase your daily production.

Combine these daily helpers with a tenacious will to succeed and you have created a recipe for success.

Also before I go any further I would like to cite a few sources. These people helped build this article by providing me with wisdom thus far in my life. Most of the main points in this article I learned from reading the book 

Burn Your


which was written by Joshua Medcalf and Jamie Gilbert. In addition, I would like to thank my good buddy Kevin Koch as well. 

Make the Most Out of Your Morning Commute

Take the dead time in your morning before work and turn it into beneficial study time. Become an industry expert in your field by keeping up on all of the current trends while you commute. You can do this in many different facets, such as reading articles or listening to podcasts. Pop in an audio book on your way to work and become a tireless student of your craft. Implement these into your morning routine and you’ll generate more ideas throughout the day. Save small and easy tasks for your morning and accomplish them while you have your cup of coffee. Find the best vehicle to stimulate your mind in the morning and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

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Surround Yourself With Good People

This may be hard for some to realize, but somewhere along the journey you will probably make a few mistakes. Having a good support system around you can make all the difference between giving up or bouncing back from a tough loss. Take yourself seriously, and you’ll find that the people who take you seriously in return are the individuals that truly believe in you. Make sure these people are positive and are there for you when you need them the most. Don’t feel obligated to give your time to someone who doesn’t help you grow as a person.

Eliminate Distractions During Work Hours

This step may seem pretty obvious but it’s a lot easier said than done. In today’s day and age we are surrounded by distractions. With social media outlets one click away it’s easy to drift off and lose track of time. Not to mention, distractions that come from your friends or family suggesting that you spend time with them instead of doing your designated work. The best way to eliminate these distractions is to completely cut yourself off from them. Don’t attempt to get work done in your living room with the television on and your roommates talking about weekend plans. Isolate yourself in a space that helps you concentrate on your work, such as a section of a public library or a coffee shop. Try going cold turkey on an app that you spend too much time on, delete it from your phone or tell a friend of yours to change your password so you cannot login. You’ll find that you can get more accomplished and have genuine conversations with more people throughout the day.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Now that you have eliminated some of the distractions in your life, you can get some work done. Believe it or not, the assignment notebooks that your high school gave you at the beginning of each year actually work. Find a scheduling method that works for you and schedule everything you do. Use, the calendar on your iphone, or even a wall or desk calendar, but make sure you get into this habit. Creating a schedule allows you to prioritize your most important tasks that need to be accomplished first. Put first things first and cut out two-hour periods in your day to focus on one sole assignment. During this time, work on nothing but the assigned task at hand. Sticking to a planned schedule is as important as actually planning it. You’ll find that when you envision everything about a large project all at once, you may become overwhelmed. But, only working on a small piece of a large project in a designated two-hour window doesn’t seem so challenging. Break down your stack of paperwork into small segments throughout your day and chip away at them.

Focus on the Process, Not the Result

It’s easy to only become fixated on whether you won or lost your particular challenge. 

It makes sense to heavily weigh the result of an event and measure it against how others performed

. In fact, we are conditioned to do so when we are growing up. Children are praised for receiving awards, and frequently asked the phrase “so, did you win?” I wonder if anyone has ever been praised for the journey it took to get there, regardless of what place they finished in the end. The person who gave it their all but didn’t succeed can be learned from in this lesson. This individual has grown tremendously throughout the process and should feel proud of what they accomplished. Stop thinking of only winning, and focus on the daily process of improvement and growth. Each day, ask yourself, “how can I get better today?” And each day concentrate on developing your skills in preparation for any challenges you will face. In the end, you’ll notice, because you worked so regularly on these skills you obtained the results you set out to accomplish.

Now You’re Ready

Hopefully, you can take away some helpful tips from this article and implement them into your daily routine. With everything, practice makes perfect, and the minor adjustments you make can enhance your day-to-day productivity.

Once you fall into the habit of doing these things consistently, you cam maximize the time in your day, get more done and feel more accomplished.

Summary of Points

Summary of Points

  • Make the most out of your morning commute – Constantly be a student of your craft and take advantage of every opportunity to learn.
  • Surround yourself with good people – Don’t bring unwarranted negativity into your life, make time for people who have and always will support you.
  • Eliminate distractions during work hours – Find your happy place and shut out the outside world for a brief time.
  • Schedule, Schedule, Schedule – Put first things first. Place them into time slots in your day. Produce. Repeat
  • Focus on the process, not the result – Fall in love with the process of becoming great and make that your main focal point.